Program Overview

  1. Sign up online at the bottom of this page) or call 402-680-2751.
  2. Monthly Fees – $29.95 plus tax for Deluxe / $39.95 plus tax for The Works.
  3. Credit card is charged once per month until you call to cancel.
  4. An RFID tag is placed on the inside of your windshield.
  5. Drive up to the pay station and the RFID tag is automatically read without you rolling down your window.
  6. Wash once every 24 hours.



  • Side blaster
  • Spot Free Rinse
  • Under Body Wash
  • Pre Soak
  • Blower
  • High Quality Soap Wash

The Works

  • Everything that’s included in Deluxe plus…
  • Wheel & Tire Prep (at Tunnel locations)
  • Foaming Wax
  • Wheel & Tire Scrub (at Tunnel locations)
  • Rainshield Total Surface Gloss
  • Auto Tire Gloss (at Tunnel locations)

Tag Prices

Per Month


$29.95 ($32.05 with tax)


$39.95 ($42.75 with tax)

Per Year


$359.40 ($384.56 with tax)


$479.40 ($512.96 with tax)

Veterans Discount

$50 discount if purchasing a 12 month prepay tag

Terms of the contract

  1. Express pass is 1 per vehicle.
  2. The first month and all pre-paid billings will be billed by Gorilla Car Wash.
  3. The credit card on file will be automatically charged each month on the same date of sign up for the wash package selected.
  4. The Unlimited Wash Club is a monthly fee. Refunds will not be given for partial month cancellations.
  5. If credit card is declined, Unlimited Wash Pass will be temporarily suspended.
  6. If credit card is declined, because of invalid expiration date, please call (402) 680-2751.
  7. This program cannot be combined with any other programs or discounts.
  8. The car wash may occasionally be unavailable due to repairs or weather related events.
  9. Gorilla Car Wash reserves the right to suspend car wash privileges.
  10. Unlimited Wash Pass is transferable upon purchase of new/different vehicle with consent of Gorilla Car Wash. Contact (402) 680-2751.
  11. A $5.00 fee will be assessed to RFID tag replacement or transfer. Contact (402) 680-2751.

* Memberships are billed on a monthly basis. Cancellations within a month are not prorated. Refunds are not given if a membership is cancelled.

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